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TEMI Mechanical and Electrical is a modern, agile CSMEIP (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Piping) construction company, based in South Africa. We are certified at level 1 B-BBEE, 50% black women and 100% black youth owned.

TEMI Mechanical and Electrical recognises that the construction industry has been through a tumultuous time over the past years. Moving forward, our belief is that a fresh approach is required in order to successfully navigate the industry.

An objective glance at the mechanical and electrical sector of the construction industry reveals that there has been very little innovation or keeping up with technology over the past decade. Our goal is to change that. Our team consists of experienced individuals with a wealth of industry expertise, and we are keen to challenge the status quo with modern ideas and technology. This will allow us to provide more efficient, safer services to our clients.

We believe in people. We understand that influencing attitudes and perspectives, implementing training and promoting excellence, enable the delivery of quality projects that are done safely and according to budget. We own the work we do and know we are responsible for the outcome.

“We deliver” is a core value instilled by our chairman Mr. Eddie Majozi, and this is embedded in our company culture. It’s about understanding, rather than simply just listening, and we apply this to all interpersonal interactions. TEMI Mechanical and Electrical believes that success is impossible without a solid base. Our employees are that base. 

“TEMI knows the challenges that face the many different facets of the industry,” comments Eddie Majozi, the company’s chairman. “This is why our company culture places value on people and the expertise they bring to the business. Putting people first and always delivering what we promise – that is the TEMI way.”


The organisation prides itself on its critical values of High-performance, Excellence, Adaptability and Responsibility.
Our values are enforced by our team of experienced and dedicated professionals, to ensure that our projects are completed to the highest standard.


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In 2016, TEMI was awarded a Govan Mbeki Merit Award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility partner and has since been awarded the Best Established Youth Contractor title at the 2017 Govan Mbeki Provincial Human Settlement Awards.

TEMI has also received the Infrastructure Development Award at the Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards 2018.

Habitat for Humanity of South Africa awarded the TEMI team a certificate of appreciation for service in the Lawley community during the Nelson Mandela Day Build event 2018 in celebration of Madiba’s Centenary Birthday. It is involving ourselves in these initiatives that enables us to expand our community reach and positive societal transformation

Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, aimed to honour Mandela’s legacy by building homes in the Lawley community. As part of the mission to break South African families free from poverty, TEMI partnered in this initiative by facilitating the build of 70 homes.

Our greatest recognition is the positive feedback we have received from the communities in which we have been able to change lives for the better.




October 2018

Birth of TEMI

TEMI was born and company was registered for VAT 

November 2018

TEMI gets a home

103 Graniet Road becomes the new home for TEMI and renovations are under way

December 2018

Move in day

TEMI moves into the new offices

January 2019

Start from scratch

We start creating management systems

February 2019

OSHAS 18001

TEMI is certified

March 2019

Our fist born

TEMI signs first contract in Heidelberg for SMP

April 2019

ISO 9001:2008

We pass stage 1 audit

April 2019

Don't forget about E&I

We are awarded our second contract for E&I

May 2019

First Site establishment

The first site establishment in Heidelberg

July 2019

Project Achievements

We succesfully completed our first NDE's and Hydro Tests on site. Amongst other's, we also completed our first shutdown ahead of scheduled time!

August 2019

ISO 9001:2015

TEMI Mechanical and Electrical get certified for ISO 9001:2015

Quick Facts


We are CIDB Registered  Learn more...


We employee in excess of 200 employees  Learn more...


B-BBEE contributor. 100% black youth owned, 50% black woman owned. Learn more...


We have our very own in-house training development program Learn more...


We now have a partnership with GDID, where we have interns coming in every 8 months to learn from the company’s very best.. Learn more...


We want to change the way we do construction and how we capture our information through the use of databases and barcoding Learn more...

B-BEEE Status

TEMI is a 100% black-youth owned and 50% woman-owned level ONE B-BBEE contributor.

100% black-youth owned

50% black-woman-owned


103 Graniet Road
Valley Settlements
South Africa


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Phone: 010 448 1888